humans are kinda cute we pass stories down generations to instill a sense of wonder in people we’ll never know and we have little bells on our houses to tell each other that we’ve arrived and we shiver when we get cold and we have an endless amount of curiosity and if the night sky is clear our first instinct is to look up at the stars and think about going on big adventures

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when your friend is going through a tough time and you just want to help them out


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How to know which boy you like:

1. Get very drunk

2. You will cry about the boy you like

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Danny is out of control 



i made sum pancakes

oh my god are you shitting me

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just replace all police with police dogs

nobody would be mean or rude to the police imagine a dog with a lil’ backpack giving you a ticket. you can’t get mad at the dog. the dog is just doing his lil’ dog job and wagging his tail and you KNOW he loves you still.

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